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Cappuccino Connection

Santa Barbara Catering - Cappuccino Connection
Santa Barbara Catering - Cappuccino Connection

Ken Cohen

Cappuccino Connection

P.O. Box 2592
Santa Barbara, CA 93120

Phone: (800) 270-0188
Phone/Fax: (805) 969-7295
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.capbar.com

Established in 1989, the Cappuccino Connection is widely considered the premier espresso catering company in the events industry. We are uniquely designed for both elegance of presentation as well as efficiency of service for your most intimate to largest wedding, celebrity and corporate events. With our expansive menu of both hot and iced blended drinks, we are a trendsetting addition and moderating alternative to the standard bar. It is good to note that we have a very good working relationship with the many fine hotels, event planners and caterers in both Santa Barbara and throughout Southern California.

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