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The Selections

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The Selections

The Selections

130 N. Calle Cesar Chavez #18
Santa Barbara, Ca 93103

Phone: (805) 452-7437
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.selectionstheband.com

 Not only does this band consist of high level professionals, but it is a group of musicians that plays together on a regular basis. Many event bands use top notch players, but they lack the chemistry and cumulative experience gained only through hours of performing together.

The Selections offer various musical services for your event.   Not only do we perform as a traditional wedding/event band, but we also are a live karaoke band.  With an ever growing list of over 300 songs, a teleprompter, and back up singers providing support, The Selections will make you and your guests feel like Rock Stars!

What is live band karaoke?  It's just like regular karaoke but instead of singing to recorded music, participants get to sing with a real live professional band!  Just pick a song from the list and jump up on stage. Lyrics displayed on a teleprompter and vocal support from our singers will keep you on track, making it fun and easy.  An experience of a lifetime!

Our standard wedding/event band consists of 8 musicians: bass, drums, guitar, keys, percussion, sax and a male and female lead vocalist. Our live karaoke band lineup is 5 musicians: bass, drums, guitar, keys/sax/guitar, and MC/vocalist. Be the Star!

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