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Photo Bohemia

Photo Bohemia

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David Herschorn

Santa Barbara, CA 
Phone: (805) 569-5889

website: www.photobohemia.com

Enter the playful world of Photo Bohemia and take part in something unique. Each guest works with a stylist to get decked out from head to toe with props and wardrobe. Inside the trailer, David the photogropher  directs each person in a mini photo-shoot catered to each group. Finally, everybody stops by the digital technician to print their favorites and get a gallery link via email.

Photo Bohemia

For each event, we bring out a selection of props from our ever-evolving collection of unique pieces, picked up at spots from LA's flea markets to Bombay's street markets and everywhere in between. 

What's special about Photo Bohemia is the vibe we create, and the unique photos that end up on guests' fridges, desks, and socal media accounts. 


- Cutom set design and fabrication

- Custom prop and wardrobe sourcing

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