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Reverend Miriam Lindbeck

Reverend Miriam Lindbeck

Reverend Miriam Lindbeck

Santa Barbara Wedding Minister

Santa Barbara, CA 
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.weddingsantabarbara.com

For 35 years, I have created and performed nearly 1000 one-of-a-kind, real wedding ceremonies, and it’s purpose is growing ever stronger. I absolutely adore this work!

There is no one else on earth like you and no marriage like yours. I believe you also have gifts that no one else on earth brings, and you deserve to be celebrated uniquely and honored in a ceremony that is so created for you, it couldn’t be used for anyone else. Your ceremony is also a sacred container for your commitment, your promises to each other, and your vowing aloud to keep your love safe from harm. The way in which you speak this aspect to each other is paramount, and I coach and support you to do that with confidence and ease. Your celebration can be as traditional as you want it to be, or outside-the-box, and all points in-between. The whole idea is YOU are the center of it all. You deserve to have a beautiful, magical and touching expression of yourselves, from your deep feelings and beliefs, to your humor and fun, including your love for your family and friends. And as the Royal Pair representing love at it’s highest, during your ceremony where everyone is focused on you, you have the opportunity to contribute to everyone present in special ways, surprising them and leaving them with a lifelong blessing from your love. This momentous part of your day can be the crowning piece that sets the tone for the rest of your celebration, and indeed, for the rest of your married life.

To provide you with an amazing experience to the best of my ability, I meet with you several times so I can get to know you as clearly as possible. We talk about you, your relationship, your turning points, dreams, goals, beliefs, etc., and we talk about your relationship with your families. I assist you in creating and speaking your personal messages and vows; together we design your dream ceremony along with your visions, and finally tie up any loose ends. I co-conduct your rehearsal, and attend your rehearsal gathering to meet your families and friends. On your big day, I dress in your color theme, interface with all the professionals working your service, calm any last minute family nerves, and bring a centered presence into your ceremony to celebrate, honor and express you and your love to its fullest. I live for this purpose. To be a conduit for your love, and that is all I am, is one of the greatest privileges on earth. I

offer a range of celebration packages starting from around $300 for elopements, up to $1000 for the splurge, all out celebration, with most of my couples choosing the middle range of $850.

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