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Christine Dahl Pastries

Christine Dahl Pastries

Christine Dahl

Christine Dahl Pastries

Santa Barbara, CA 
Phone: (805) 569-5889

Email: [email protected]
website: www.santabarbaracakes.com

Christine Dahl opened her business in 1995 and quickly became renowned for her vusually stunning and delicious wedding and special occasion cakes as well as her classic pastries. While she is best known for her wedding cakes, her classic pastries and special occasion cakes have graced many tables in the greater Santa Barbara area. Christine’s creations have been featured in numerous national magazines including Martha Stewart and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. We are pleased to offer our Special Occasion Cakes for you birthday and anniversary celebrations.

In an era of mass production, Christine stands out as an old world craftsman creating marvels from fine ingredients. Toppings and fillings like lemon curd, chocolate mousse, buttercream are foils for her hand applied designs.

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