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Your very own support team

SBEP is a member driven organization and is an exceptional resource for business tips, referrals, sharing your work, asking questions, networking and being part of a community of like-minded professionals. Although SBEP provides many useful tools to enhance your business, it is by working together as a group that will increase the number of opportunities that become available to us. And, we keep membership fees low to allow businesses of all sizes to participate. We all benefit the most from membership by getting to know our diverse group of members, participating in networking events and staying engaged in the conversation. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats! 

Member Benefits

  • Visibility for your business on the SBEP vendor directory page

  • Visibility from SBEP advertising, social channel posts and networking events

  • Instant messaging with SBEP members in real time via Slack

  • Notifications of industry events that are pertinent to your business

  • Monthly educational webinars and/or programming

  • Quarterly networking events/mixers/venue tours

  • Membership prices at other SBEP affiliated events

Code of conduct

  • Promote goodwill with your clients, treating everyone professionally, fairly, honestly and ethically

  • Promote goodwill between fellow SBEP members and other event pros by collaborating in a positive manner through encouragement and support

  • Operate a business that is a credit to the SBEP organization and the community, through professional and legal customer service

  • Use honest and factual advertising for your business

  • Strive for professional growth and new knowledge in all aspects of your business

  • Leveraging the organization and your membership for independent sales opportunities other than those related to the event industry is not permitted

Member requirements

  • Participate in SBEP activities and engage with other members

  • Respond to inquiries from the SBEP board

  • Adhere to the SBEP Code of Conduct (above) and cooperate with SBEP requirements

  • Follow SBEP on Facebook and Instagram and use @sbeventpros regularly in your Instagram posts

  • Pay SBEP yearly membership fee when due ($150 per year)

  • Business specific requirements:

    • A minimum of 1 year in business within the Tri-County area (Santa Barbara, Ventura and/or San Luis Obispo)

    • Have an online business presence via a web site or social channel page

    • Possess a current business license

    • Possess liability insurance (for those businesses required to have it)

    • Use a customer agreement/contract with clients (for those that provide a service)